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December 2019

My short film "Puppy Love" I wrote, directed, produced, cast and star in has been nominated for the best film of the year!


December 2019

Check out Alisha's short Film she wrote, directed, produced and star in, it's now on a Streaming Network.


November 2019

Executive Producer and Actress in the amazing soon to be hit film The Virgin of Highland Park


March 2019 

2 of Alisha's  Short Films she wrote, directed, produced and star in just got accepted to be on a Network!!!

Plus Producing an amazing Oscar-worthy Movie with an A-list Award-winning team!



Awarded most LOVED ACTING STUDIO on Hulafrog for 2018!

Awarded Top 10 ACTING COACHES on and THE BEST OF  2017!

Super proud of Dakota Lotus an Alumni of The Marks Method. He is a Lead on Coop and Cami a new Hit Disney Channel Show which premiered October 2018

Super proud of Jayden Rey another amazing alumni of The Marks Method who is a Lead on the new hit ABC Show The Connors which premiered October 2018

So proud of Sophianna Smith. She is at the Premiere for Mercy Black which she has an amazing role in. Produced by Blumehouse and Netflix. Check her out. 

After only 2 sessions with Alisha, Maxi booked her first role in an awesome Movie! 

After only 1 sessions with Alisha, Blanca had a callback and booked a role in a Movie after not having auditions for a while. She said she used my tools she leared for her audition and callback and I taught her to not be nervous. 

Sofia booked a role on Modern Family after only 2 Skype coaching sessions with Alisha. Alisha was her first ever acting trainning! 
After only a few lessons, Tyler booked a role on Modern Family, a Taco Bell Commercial, a Lead in a and a Lead role in a Web Series 
After 1 Skype session, Emanni had a callback and booked a huge Acting role 
Only after a few Skype sessions, she had her first Commercial Audition and booked it! It was her 2nd Audition she has ever had. We just started to work together last month over Skype ongoing a few times a week. She had no Acting training before working with me!

So proud of Allison. We have been working together ongoing over Skype for a bit. She was having a hard time with self-taped auditions. She had a self-taped audition for a huge movie playing the Lead, her first ever and she got the most amazing feedback from the Casting Director right after she sent in her tape. 

Aly booked 2 Commercials in 1 week, was on hold for another commercial and on hold for 2 Network Tv Shows only after working together with me for a few weeks over Skype 
Isabel one of my awesome students after working together ongoing over Skype, she booked a huge feature film and a Pilot for a TV show!!!

Is your child struggling with their confidence, fear,  and anxiety before and after auditions?


Has your child been going to audition after audition, taking classes and not getting any results or the results you want?


What if it could be different?


Not being fully prepared is shooting your child in the foot. They need to learn how to truly internally and externally beat their massive competition!


Learning how to have a deep inner confidence and the absolute best acting training is vital. 


Give your child the amazing opportunity to learn the Marks Method created and taught by Alisha Marks. 



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