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Alisha Marks is an Award Winning Transformational top Youth Acting coach who is always agent and manager recommended for Ages 3 and up. Her students have booked Lead and Supporting roles on Network Tv Shows, Network Pilots, Web Series, and Commercials.

April 2020, she was voted in The Beverly Hills Magazine as one of the TOP 5 ACTING COACHES IN HOLLYWOOD.

She won top Acting coach on for 2017 and Most loved Acting Studio on Hulafrog for 2018. She coaches over Skype worldwide. 

She is a professional Sag-Aftra working Actress, Screen Writer, TV Show creator, Executive Producer, Director, and Producer. Alisha has 4 films on Amazon Prime. Being released in 2019, She has a Supporting role in Adi Shankar's God's and Secrets which has an A-list cast, the role was offered to her, she has a Supporting Role in Cowboy 2.0 which also has an A-list Cast and being released in 2019, the role was offered to her. In November of 2019, she booked the lead role in a short Pilot called Single playing Piper which was Written and Directed by Kellie R Griffen a Co-Executive Producer on the Netflix show Fuller House, the role was offered to her.

In May 2015, Alisha attended the prestigious Cannes Film Festival in France for the premiere of a film she acted in and the role was offered to her. Two of her short films she starred in, wrote, directed, produced, and cast played at two film festivals in 2014 and in 2019 got Distribution. She has been in numerous independent films that have been played in various film festivals around the world and with theatrical releases. She has also been in numerous worldwide commercials and has performed in off-Broadway productions in New York City. Before becoming an acting coach, Alisha worked as a Casting Director, Casting associate, Session director, Casting assistant, and lobby assistant. 


Alisha studied Acting for the Stage with a full Scholarship at Miami Dade College, acting for television and film with a scholarship at The Lee Strasberg Television and Film Institute affiliated with the prestigious school, The Tisch School of the Arts at NYU in New York City, at two top Comedy Improv schools, The Groundlings and at The Upright Citizens Brigade, as well as training with acting teachers and coaches at different studios in Miami, New York City, and Los Angeles.


Alisha has created her own technique called The Marks Method. It is a combination of her various experiences in front and behind the camera. Alisha has rave reviews from parents and kids who have worked with her. In all of her classes and private coaching sessions, she gives her all to transform what is blocking the student from having joy and passion for their craft. She shares her passion and knowledge with all of her students and teaches them how to bring out their best as performers. Alisha's main priority is teaching your child how to have true inner confidence and belief and teaching the absolute best and correct tools to beat their MASSIVE competition. Alisha also teaches her students how to bring out their unique qualities to shine in life. When she works with a student, no matter what age, Alisha gives her all to inspire them to learn and do their best. Alisha specializes in audition preparation, The Mark's Method, confidence-building skills, callback preparation, and preparation for booked jobs.

Alisha at Premiere's, Red Carpet events and on set 


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